Our unisex fragrance portfolio reflects the high standards and urban sensibilities of our Founder and CEO, Kimberly Waters. Each brand selected to be part of the the MUSE portfolio is highly regarded for its appeal, quality, originality, and connection. It’s never about selling you a bottle of perfume; it’s always about the experience and emotional reaction  it can conjure up and evoke. Thus, we ensure each brand selected has the ability to speak to our consumer in more ways than one. Furthermore, We operate on the notion that luxury and niche should be inclusive and accessible to all that desire it, not only to those in the know. This belief is the gateway that allows us to connect the exclusivity of our portfolio to our urban audience.

With a range of scents from heady florals, airy citrus, bold musks and more, you’re sure to discover something that ignites your imagination, arouses your senses, and inspires self-expression.